Pielęgniarstwo i Zdrowie Publiczne Nursing and Public Health

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Index Copernicus (ICV) – 68,85
Ogólny współczynnik odrzuceń – 24,12%
ISSN 2082-9876 (print),   ISSN 2451-1870 (online)
Periodyczność – kwartalnik

Ahead of print

Praca oryginalna

Nutritional education as an element improving nutritional behavior and selected anthropometric parameters in the group of children aged 12 years


Praca oryginalna

Influence of makeup on the well-being and self-esteem of women


Praca poglądowa

Cardiometabolic risk in polycystic ovary syndrome


Praca oryginalna

Self-assessment of teachers’ knowledge regarding their preparation for caring for a child with type 1 diabetes at school


Praca poglądowa

Phenomenological and hermeneutical assumptions of ethics and philosophy in nursing: Analyses, comparisons, reconceptualizations of notions


Praca oryginalna

Analysis of the body composition of young adults and the frequency of occurrence of so-called normal weight obesity: A pilot study


Praca oryginalna

Physician-assisted suicide in the opinion of nurses who work in palliative and hospice institutions


Praca poglądowa

The concept of home hospice care introduced by blessed Hanna Chrzanowska